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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  March 18, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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word on injuries. >> abc 7 news exclusive, a man who wrote that broke a racial barrier dies after staying at the rehab center. at a died saturday rehabilitation center in alexandria. he was the first african-american to play basketball at georgetown university. only on seven, we are live in alexandria with what the white family told us today. >> they're convinced that he died of complications run the -- do acknowledge there is no scientific evidence, no proof of that he did have that virus. saide warnings on the door interest your own risk. >> he was unresponsive, he was sweating, and his love pressure
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was low. -- blood pressure was low. >> he was the first african-american, player at georgetown university. stroke cut his political career short in 2005, and that is when he went to woodbine. saturday, he was rushed to alexandria hospital. dorothy wife got there after her brother-in-law. >> he had died. he had vomited a large amount of blood. lasts a day or so, but if someone is weak or in poor health, the expect can be far more severe. grieve, they wonder if something could have been done to save him. >> it is just sort of putting way that insult in a someone with so much promise could have this be the last
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thing to happen to them. >> he was a political activist in chicago before having his stroke. woodbine, but to no one here had any comment on mr. white sauce condition saturday prior to his death. >> thank you. spring is just a couple of days away but it is going to be hard to tell come tomorrow. until joinsologist us with what you need to know. youpring is just a day circle in the calendar, especially this year when winter never seems to and. 40 degrees outside the belfort weather center. we are well below the 50's. winter weather advisory goes into effect at midnight and into tomorrow morning, for the possibility of freezing rain or freezing drizzle. that may not show up on sunlight rater, but we're expecting
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temperatures could have the flow of moist air in the form of light drizzle. we are around 40 degrees, but later tonight we would have freezing or slightly below. we have more about that and finally some good news about warmer days that are just around the corner in a few minutes. >> thank you. september, shootings at the navy yard could have been .vented -- prevented of defenseetary chuck hagel announced a number of changes to deal with the gaps in security, and reduce the number of security clearances, background checks, and better identify internal threats. going well inot ukraine as that nation's president gets orders allowing protecto use weapons to their lives.
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this is after one shoulder was killed and another was hurt after a masked gunman was killed on a military base in crimea. but american welcomes the vote to join with russia. joe biden and decide that the un security council condemned the move. making,rs to the loan, thefront of the world, aggression they had taken. >> a meeting with g7 leaders in europe, he will deal with this. chris is happens as secretary of state john kerry hopes to defuse the crisis. scott thuman sat down with mr. kerry for a one-on-one interview today. what did the secretary tell you about the situation echo >> this was initially sponsored by about the budget request, but no subject on the need for expenses and more time over what is
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happening in ukraine. we sat in the treaty room, one between russia and crimea, and had the whole world watching. >> a lot of them are concerned about what may come. it is not that the oeste draft of sanctions were calculated to -- be-all and end-all. putin scoffs at u.s. sanctions. >> criticisms like john mccain who thought that this would only encourage moderate. because she all the moves -- encouraged moderation because he called the moves statement. >> not every thing master by a high-pitched trilling message. quietly from president
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to president and it has a lot of meaning. >> if the message were truly received, russia is not linking. >> the deputy foreign minister calling the president crude. is that the kind of defiance that you ignore because it is rhetoric? >> it is just silly. they have a face of bravado and scored, but the truth is they squids asto face on to what they're doing. grace you justify that we cannot calculate the cost of inaction. in other words, sometimes in proactive can save us a lot in the long run. do believe that there was some sort of inaction with this case? >> i do not believe that is the case here. this is something that is a reflection of russia's aspirations. he is not exactly playing a winning hand in the long haul in my judgment. kerryard secretary alluded to other more significant actions he n take. he did not. i what does my eight he said
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that would be a major breach, and i hope we do not get there. >> thank you. the state department ordered syria to close its embassy in washington and consulate in houston. embassy personnel must leave the country by the end of the month. 's civil war entered its fourth year on saturday. the driver ofhow the truck is doing tonight.
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>> a terrible scene today in downtown seattle after a komo-tv crashed,elicopter killing two and one person was seriously hurt. >> it was just outside the front door of the television station where the chopper was paid. what went wrong. was a terrifying scene just steps from the iconic seattle space needle. >> oh my gosh. >> fuel from the helicopter igniting on impact, dark black smoke engulfed the cars a crushed.
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>> i heard the boom, and i looked up, and two second later the flames started spreading out. >> firefighters raised the scene, but the doubtful the choppers to passengers to safety. flames had spread to three cars .nd two drivers >> i saw the guy burning, and it is so shocking. >> major driver was taken to hospital with burns over 50% of his body. killed in the crash, the pilot and the photographer, both men were flying in the aircraft for .he seattle affiliate >> it is a difficult loss for us, what makes it even more difficult is the fact that it happened right outside our building. >> at the crash happened quickly, just seconds after the chopper lifted off for a morning flight. there was a loud boom, and then a crash the street. firefighters say did not hit into buildings when it went down
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. >> a could have been worse and been a busier day. particularly busy day at the seattle center. >> a small consolation after a terrible tragedy. investigators from the faa and ntsb are on the scene. the weather at the time of the crash was clear skies and calm once. .- winds >> why it took 70 years to honor these american heroes.
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>> was a long-overdue honor for dozens of american fighting men. today president obama awarded the medal of honor to 24 soldiers from world war ii, korea, and vietnam. hadvernment investigation
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learned that most had been passed over during their lifetimes because of reasons of race or religion. president obama called them today to set the record state. >> this is the single largest group of service members to be awarded the medal of honor and the second world war. soldiersf the recognized for their valor during that war, the ceremony is 70 years in the making. >> only three of the 24 recipients are still alive, each was present today. >> top administrative law judge can be removed from the ministrations for ethics violations, that was a superior court ruling. walker is currently on leave, accused of stealing city contracts to the husband of her business partner, and then
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lying. the mayor wanted her fired. a close call for a truck driver with his semi-flip it over on a bridge in idaho. this was cross on video, and the winds were up to $70 per hour, when a knock to truck on its side. the truck slid several hundred feet narrowly missing the car in front of it. the driver was miraculously not hurt. when the winds cap to a certain threshold, they've shed on the bainbridge and other high suspension bridges to protect tractor-trailers. >> good idea. hope?e winter weather, i >> you hope? is that theews warmer days are coming starting on thursday. just for a few days. i will take even 10 minutes of warm weather.
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this is the southern art of maryland county, a walk as we run the animation in the background. the snow melts away, little bit of sun and a lot of clouds. shape.good it will be fairly limited tomorrow to west of the metro area. as long as we stay below raising tonight but that increases the chances of sunlight freezing rain or dribble -- of some light freezing rain or drizzle. upper 30's and a lower 40's, average temperatures for highs this time of year are in the upper 50's. 57 on our board is our appetite for the average low 38. today's actual art for to three 31.31 -- are 43 and we get rid of this little system first.
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of a little freezing rain or dribble goes until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can see that from loudoun county all the way through interstate 81 corridor. colder locally, and then the weather service might extend the visor -- the t.visory little bu we haven't set up in the atmosphere -- have it that up in the atmosphere. skies cloudy with a few sunny breaks through the late afternoon, but as we get into the 19 arms of the town closer to 33 or 32 degrees. have sonsart to travis class of abdulaziz the possibility of moisture in the warm of rain and drizzle. just to the west, temperatures are must -- much warmer.
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tomorrowont moving afternoon of the whole area to be subject to areas of reagan and then that will bear out late tomorrow night, and then the warmer temperatures will arrive. here's a quick look at how it looks in our futurecast. possibilities overnight into more morning, -- tomorrow morning, rain and then finally it all clears out and we will be good to go for a few days of milder temperatures. desk, toyota sports brought to you by your local toyota dealers. that is the biggest issue for the wizards. >> consistency. that is the number one issue taking over. the wizards are back in action tonight with they start their annual four-game swing in sacramento. they have won two in a row after losing a couple, and there is the inconsistency that they bought earlier in the season. they had a solid production of
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and this is one of his former teams. should have a little extra , they trail the bulls by just a game and a half a the wizards have won six of their last seven games on the road. the new york knicks have certainly not been the mix of the old glory days. with the new team president, some of the excitement is back. said he will opt out of that final year of his contract and test free agency next summer. with and without him, the goal is still the nba title. >> there are very few accidental championships in the naba, and we know that. this will be the pinnacle. it would be the capstone on a remarkable career. >> he wants consistency. mount st. mary plays the first
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game of the ncaa tournament tonight. the first four. hill, and the mcdonough gymnasium, that will be a terrific mashup. wins will forget the snow from the ncaa. will let seniors on this team, but will send some young guys that consent the tone for next year. we still have a lot of best, left to play, and hopefully it will be this year. that will be fun to play against west virginia, because we always want to beat them. two will play the number team, the wisconsin badgers. that will be thursday afternoon at 12:40 p.m. what an opportunity for the au eagles after being picked to
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finish last in the patriot league. the caps currently set night in the each turn -- ninth in the eastern conference standings. they play the ducks in anaheim tonight. the ducks have lost four straight at home. our play of the day comes from the walk took -- chicago white sox player. him,ps a shot that carries and he climbs the wall and makes the grab. that is our catch of the night. tiger woods has with drawn from this week's arnold palmer invitational. due to that back problem but he is the havoc, spasms in his lower back. tiger says it is too early to know if he will
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>> a little bit of present
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nation on the way. >> and little bit of freezing rain and drizzle. currently under an advisory that kicks in at midnight. we will tell you all about it at 11:00 p.m. >> thank you. have a good night.
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welcome to "world news." big, new questions, tonight, about the missing passenger plane. as we meet the witnesses who claim that jet flew right over their heads. what did they see? what did they hear? and a news chopper down near the seattle state meeting. >> we have a report of a helicopter into the station. >> a tragedy in the family. >> this wil